Lubricating oil that is generally available from garages and similar outlets normally has too high a specification and this can result in bore-glazing, or smoky running at light load which is a feature of many engines used in Canal Boats


CANALUBE lite has been introduced to the market with the object of supplying a reliable API CC specification engine oil that meets the requirements of all modern naturally aspirated diesel engines fitted to Inland Waterways craft.

It is also eminently suitable for the older type of engines which are used in Narrow boats including Lister SR, ST & HR, BMC 1.5 & 1.8 and others.

CANALUBE lite is available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre containers.

We also stock oils from other suppliers which are suitable for most engines including: Lister JP, Bolinder, Russell Newbery etc together with turbocharged applications.

  • Multigrade engine oils, 10W/40, 20W/50 to API CC specification.
  • Multigrade engine oils, 10W/40 to API CE & CH specification.
  • Monograde engine oils, SAE30, 40 & 50 to API CC specification.
  • Special engine oils - "Vee Twin" 20W/50
  • Castor racing oil MLR40
  • Gear lubricants in SAE80W/90 and SAE140 grades.
  • Automatic Transmission fluids for Hurth & similar gearboxes.
  • Stern-tube grease.

Trade enquiries welcomed. Please contact us for more details